Commercial Hardwood Installation and Refinishing in Hillside

Posted by writer on Mar 28, 2010 with No Comments
in Hillside

The common misconception prevails is that hardwood flooring is best suited for enhancing the beauty of your homes. But as hardwood installers in Hillside we specialize in attending to hardwood needs of business houses. 

We understand the need to create beautiful flooring that not only impact your office décor but also adds to your business boost as clients will continue to be impressed with your quality streak. Hence it is our eye for detail professionalism, thorough experts that have brought us so far. In addition to commercial hardwood installation in Hillside, we also undertake hardwood refinishing in Hillside, hardwood sending in Hillside, hardwood resending in Hillside, Hardwood recounting in Hillside or even Hardwood Floor repairs in Hillside. 

As commercial hardwood installation experts we need to ensure that testing for moisture is undertaken in the sub floors. Other areas to be kept in mind include removing the existing ood floors, fastening the plank to the sub floor followed by the process of sanding as well as staining and finishing. Here it is crucial to note that the color maintained is uniform and matches the existing color. It is also critical to ensure that we fill in all the spots or repair the existing hardwood flooring first. As specialists we understand that the use of parquet floor patterns are useful especially if the room is not an accurate square. Further in order to reduce the dust and ensure work is completed faster we give you the option to use pre finished wood as well.