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Hardwood Service in Hillside
You might feel overwhelmed as you choose the right hardwood installation in Hillside. First of all, putting a hardwood floor in your home is a major investment. You will spend thousands of dollars to get a beautiful floor, but you will also increase the value of your home and the amount of enjoyment you get from living there. Finding the right hardwood floor installers in Hillside is the first step to choosing the right hardwood floor. We feel that is you choose our hardwood floor installers in Hillside you will get not only an excellent hardwood floor but also great customer service attached to it.

We know that a hardwood floor is a lifetime commitment. That is why we also specialize in hardwood refinishing in Hillside as well as hardwood floor repair in Hillside. We will stick with you as long as you own your home. But for now let’s start at the beginning and help you decide what type of hardwood floor is right for your home.

The first choice you need to make is whether your want solid wood or engineered flooring. Solid hardwood floors are ¾ inch thick hardwood boards. There is nothing by natural wood beneath your feet. This wood, however, will expand and contract with changes in humidity and temperature. It is not always the best choice for a basement or high traffic entryway. In that case you might want to opt for engineered for laminate flooring. This flooring is made from alternating layers of plywood on top of which is a small layer of hardwood. It is both more durable and less expensive than solid hardwood, but often has a factory finished look. We will install both kinds of flooring in your home.

Then we will look at job-site finishing versus prefinished wood. Because our hardwood floor specialists have experience in finishing and hardwood resanding in Hillside we like the custom job that job-site finishing accomplishes. However, we know that hardwood installation in Hillside can be a messy and noisy prospect, which is why will we will also install prefinished wood.

The species of wood that you choose has the biggest effect on the overall look of your flooring. You can consult with our hardwood floor installers in Hillside as well as look at our wood samples in order to decide what will look best in your home. Choose from oak, maple, hickory, pine, walnut, mesquite, and ash. We are often able to custom order other species not found in our showroom. While picking out the wood, you can also pick your color of stain. You may also decide to leave your wood unstained and just seal in its natural beauty.

No matter what you end up deciding for your hardwood installation in Hillside our quality team of professionals will be able to help you make your dream into a reality. We have years of experience installing hardwood floors in Hillside. Come in for an individualized consultation today.
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