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Quality Hardwood Services in Barrington
Preparation of Subfloors for Hardwood Installation in Barrington

Subfloor preparation is highly significant for ensuring longevity & stability of a hardwood flooring. As professional hardwood floor installers in Barrington, we can help you decide which kind of hardwood is best based on the kind of subfloor that is present in your house. If your subfloor is not prepared well or you end up using a hardwood floor that is not appropriate for your subfloor, you can have problems shortly after installation and may need hardwood floor repair in Barrington. For all your needs regarding hardwood installation in Barrington and subfloor preparation, we are the professionals you can always trust.

The first thing we do as part of hardwood installation in Barrington homes is to check for loose boards or planks in the subfloor and any voids in the subfloor. Once the boards are tightened and voids are filled, we then go ahead with the rest of the process.

A CDX grade plywood sub floor of ¾” thickness is ideal for all hardwood floorings including solid hardwood, pre-finished or engineered hardwood and even floating floors. To avoid any impact due to high moisture levels, an underlayment paper can be laid over the subfloor to reduce the transfer of moisture from the subfloor to the hardwood flooring. This is again recommended for subfloors that are weak and unstable. Such underlayment will provide stability to the subfloors.

We come across many subfloors that are made of planks, which need hardwood resanding or hardwood refinishing in Barrington. These planks can get loose over a period of time and therefore it is necessary to make these closely tied to the floor joists using screws. Again, if your subfloors are very weak or unstable it better to use underlayment before installing any hardwood flooring on the subfloor. It also helps reducing the rate of moisture transfer onto the hardwood flooring.

Sometimes, your subfloor looks just like many chips of wood that has been stuck together. This is known as an OSB sub floor. We recommend using felt paper and underlayment made of thick plywood to ensure stability and reduce moisture transfer.

If it is a new home and the subfloor is made up of concrete slabs, it is very important to test the moisture levels in the slabs. This is because the water used for mixing the concrete slabs may take about three months or even more for it to dry. To test for moisture, we tape plastic on slabs and check if any moisture is developed after 48 hours. If moisture appears, we do not go ahead with the installation until the levels of moisture are corrected. Ensure that plastic of 6 mm is installed to reduce moisture levels. Out of all the hardwood floorings, the best hardwood flooring that gets along well with concrete slabs is floating hardwood floors because of their high durability and resistance to high moisture. Other hardwood floorings on concrete slabs may deteriorate if the plastic and plywood is not installed during the pouring of concrete slabs.

Subfloor preparation is an important ingredient of hardwood flooring installation and as professional hardwood floor installers in Barrington, we advise you to use all the professional guidance you can gather.
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