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Hardwood Service in Evanston
If you are thinking about doing some hardwood installation in Evanston you should look no further than our cadre of trained professionals. Installing a hardwood floor is a tedious process, especially once you factor in the treatment that needs to be done to wood after its initial installation. However, whether it is hardwood installation or hardwood sanding in Evanston, you know that you can count on us to get the job right.

The first step in our hardwood installation in Evanston begins a few days before we actually come into your home. Because we are committed to every detail of your installation we start out by taking the wood out to your home a few days before the installation begins. This is so that the wood can acclimate itself to the humid of your home. This lets the wood swell or shrink as necessary before it is laid and eliminates the need for you to search for hardwood floor repair in Evanston at a later date.

After the wood has been at your house for a few days, our team of hardwood floor installers of Evanston will begin to lay your floor. All of the hardwood floorboards are laid perpendicular to the floor joists on top of a layer of subflooring. The first board that we pick for your floor is always the straightest of the bunch. We pre-drill the board and use countersinking screws to firmly adhere it to the subflooring. We also take special care to see that is parallel to your walls. We know that the success of your beautiful hardwood floor depends on how accurately this first board is laid out.

Once the initial board is in place, you may marvel at how fast our hardwood floor installers of Evanston can move. Because of our years of experience, there are a few things that we know need to be done every time there is a hardwood installation in Evanston. First of all, the boards need to be accurately measured and cut to fit into your living space. The boards also need to be hammered and pried so that they are completely flush with the boards around them. We always use a buffer block; we never hammer directly on your hardwood. Once every board is fitted into place, we use a pneumatic stapler to hold them there. While there is also the option to use nails, we prefer staples, especially since they will hold up better under any hardwood resanding in Evanston that you might have to do.

When the initial hardwood installation in Evanston is complete, we will build on our quality foundation to make your wood look beautiful. We do hardwood sanding in Evanston as well as staining and coating the wood with a urethane finish. In the end you will find yourself with a beautiful hardwood floor that will add luxury and value to your home as well as brighten your daily life. Our hardwood floor installers in Evanston are committed to providing you with the best flooring possible.
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