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Different Methods of Hardwood Installation in Glenview

Professional hardwood floor installers, Glenview use different methods of installing hardwood floors in households. The decision of which method to use is predominantly based upon the kind of hardwood used for installing such as solid hardwood, engineered hardwood or floating hardwood floors. It also depends upon the discretion of the customer. Use a professional because if something goes wrong, you might actually very soon end up with a hardwood floor repair. Glenview hardwood installers use the following ways of installing hardwood floors.

One of the most common methods used for hardwood installation in Glenview is gluing down the hardwood boards. This is done by spreading the glue on the subfloor using a trowel. A professional hardwood floor installer in Glenview should ideally mark a certain portion of the floor and spread the glue – typically it is three feet. Once the glue is spread, each plank of hardwood is then placed carefully on the glue. Engineered hardwood flooring is generally glued down the subfloor. Some brands of engineered hardwood flooring come with relief cuts to ensure that the hardwood floor will accommodate any inconsistencies in the subfloor. It is also expected to have a tighter bond with the glue. However, ensure that your professional hardwood floor installer in Glenview has done away with almost any inconsistencies on the subfloor. As professional hardwood floor installer in Glenview, we never compromise on the quality of hardwood installation by using a cheap adhesive for gluing. There may be people who think that using cheap glue can be cost effective but the quality of your hardwood installation will definitely suffer and it won’t be long before you start hearing creaks and strange sounds underfoot. Glues again are predominantly three kinds – water, urethane or acrylic. Most installers use urethane based adhesives. The time taken for gluing can vary based on size and the crew that is on the installation work. Curing time is generally overnight or a day. If you are allergic to chemicals, it is better you stay away while the installation is being done.

The alternative method of hardwood installation in Glenview is through stapling and nailing down the flooring on the subfloor. Gone are the days of manual hammering and bloody thumbs and fingers. Today, there are a wide range of pneumatic fasteners that make installation a very easy process, the most famous being staplers by Bosch. Hardwood floor installation in Glenview is sometimes still done using cleat nailers that were introduced in the 1960s. This is primarily because some feel hardwood installation in Glenview using the latest equipment like pneumatic fasteners end up tightening the floor too much causing it to creak. In moisture laden areas, cleat nailers are far more suitable for installation as they provide the margin for floors to expand and contract based on seasons.

Call us to know more about the different methods of hardwood installation in Glenview and pros & cons of hardwood installation. Glenview has its fair share of hardwood floor installers but we go beyond basic installation services by providing valuable advice for all our clients in their decisions related to hardwood installation and hardwood refinishing. Glenview clients can also approach us hardwood resanding. Glenview can implicitly believe in us when it comes to services related to hardwood flooring.
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