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Quality Hardwood Services in Hoffman Estates
Trends in Hardwood Installations in Hoffman Estates

Traditionally, it was always oak that was the popular choice of hardwood installation in Hoffman Estates and across the country. In fact, about 66% of market share of hardwood installations in America is still held by the oak. However, more and more households are getting attracted to other wood species including exotic foreign ones for hardwood installation in Hoffman Estates. Some of these exotic wood species come from countries like Australia, Brazil and Asia.

The biggest factor for this incline in the market is that the manufacturers are getting a larger variety of such exotic species in the market. And they no longer come under a very heavy premium. They are affordable despite being sourced from foreign locales. Another factor that excites consumers about these hardwoods is that they provide a broader spectrum of colors, patterns and stains. Colors go beyond the normal shades of brown and black to pastels like pink and hues like gold. High end consumers and interior designers also prefer these exotic wood species because they have naturally occurring grains, streaks and knotholes that provide more character than the traditional, solid oak.

One of the most famous exotic wood species is the Brazilian cherry. This wood has shades of red and brown and has moderate grains. It is considered to be steadier than the likes of red oak. The downsides of it is that it takes a lot of time to acclimatize and as it is very dense, sawing can be both time and effort consuming process.

Bamboo is another popular choice for hardwood floors. It also lowers the conscience of people using it as floor material as it is the most eco-friendly and green option available in hardwoods and requires less hardwood resanding in Hoffman Estates. Again, bamboo is considered unique because its knots and streaks. It also renders an earthy look to the house. Bamboo hardwood comes in shades of manila as well as dark hues.

The hottest wood in town is wenge. Wenge originates in Africa and is almost black in color. Again, it is very difficult to saw wenge and manufacturers use carbide equipments to cut this wood. It is also very difficult to source and very few manufacturers save the reputed brands actually stock this wood species.

Another favorite is the bubinga which shares the color of rich burgundy wine. This also is sourced from Africa. It has very fine grains and can be cut easily. Unfortunately pneumatic fasteners and staplers can split this wood. Therefore, manual installation in the form of hammering works best.

Sydney Blue Gum, unlike its name, can range from brown red to pink. Again, like most of its exotic wooden counterparts, it has a high level of hardness and requires carbide equipments to be sawed.

While sourcing and paying for an exotic wood species can be thrilling, consumers should always exercise caution and use professional hardwood floor repair services in Hoffman Estates who understands the environment, climate and moisture levels of Hoffman Estates. The professional hardwood installer in Hoffman Estates should also be familiar with the wood species and should have had some experience in using these wood species for hardwood refinishing in Hoffman Estates.
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