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Quality Hardwood Services in Mount Prospect
Floating Floor Hardwood Installation in Mount Prospect

The latest trend in hardwood installation in Mount Prospect is floating floors. The biggest advantage of floating floor installation is that it acts independent of the subfloor. Therefore any changes in the humidity levels or moisture in the house that might affect the subfloor cannot cause any impact to floating floors. Other hardwood installation in Mount Prospect that is not a floating floor might sag or cup due to the high moisture levels in the house. As a professional hardwood floor installer in Mount Prospect, we are well versed with the installation of floating floors. Also, for clients who require hardwood refinishing in Mount Prospect or hardwood resanding in Mount Prospect we always recommend them using our professional services for hardwood floor repair in Mount Prospect.

As mentioned above, floating floors are not glued or stapled to the subfloor. Instead all planks of the floor are connected to each other. This ensures that the planks of the floor do not open up. The other advantage of floating floors is that they can be installed over any kind of flooring – ceramic tiles, floors made of vinyl and slabs. Floating floors are also a very good choice if the moisture level of the house is very high. Typically any professional hardwood floor installer in Mount Prospect would recommend the installation of a vapor barrier over the concrete slabs or any other flooring in such scenarios. The installation process of a floating floor is also very easy. You do not have to glue them or staple them. Manufacturers have come up with a click lock system. If you buy a floating floor of a reputed brand with 3/16 thickness, it can have an average lifespan of 60 years if there is normal amount of traffic. It can also be sanded and refinished more than twice in their lifetime without thinning the wood.

Floating floors are available in different designs and colors and patterns. They are available in 1strips/2 strips/3 strips designs. Most people reading through the article would consider installing a floating floor an easy DIY project. However, as a professional hardwood floor installer in Mount Prospect, we dissuade most of our clients from installing hardwood floors on their own or employing low bidders or first timers in handling such projects just to save a few bucks. Only professionals with experience can anticipate problems related to installation of hardwood floors. Over the long run, DIY projects can go very wrong and cost a lot more than what it would have taken to hire a professional hardwood installer.

Any professional hardwood floor installer in Mount Prospect can do your job but what set us apart from the others are our years of experience and expertise in this area. We have always been referred to other people by our clients for quality hardwood resanding in Mount Prospect at reasonable rates. If you already have installed a hardwood floor and looking for replacement services or refinishing services or minor or major repairs, call us - we are the best professional hardwood floor installer in Mount Prospect.
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