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Tips for Hardwood Floor Maintenance from Hardwood Installers in Northbrook

After completing any successful hardwood installation in Northbrook, the first question most clients ask us is about taking care of their hardwood floors. As professional hardwood floor installers in Northbrook with experience and expertise in hardwood floor repair in Northbrook to hardwood refinishing in Northbrook, we have gathered a few handy tips that are essential for hardwood floor maintenance. Remember that hardwood floors, if well taken care of, can be part of your family for generations to come. It is up to you how you take care of your hardwood floor but keep the below mentioned things in mind.

Regularly vacuum your hardwood floors for any dust. Sometimes, vacuum cleaners cannot clean the edges and corners of the floor. In such cases, use a dust mop. Cleaning a hardwood floor is easier than cleaning carpets and is not so time consuming either.

If anything is spilt on the hardwood floor, immediately wipe it with a damp cloth. Do not use wet clothes or dusters on hardwood floors. Hardwood and water just does not get along. There are some people who have the thinking ingrained in them that if water is not used, it is not clean. For such people, we advise you to use damp mops or rags.

Do not use cleaners that have a high content of ammonia. Using sprays or cleaners that have a high amount of ph or chemicals can spoil the beauty of hardwood floors. A most common home remedy prescribed for cleaning and acquiring a shine in household furniture and appliances is to mix vinegar with water. However, this can be harmful over a long period of time. Vinegar is acidic by nature and this can harm your hardwood floors. Also, even though there may be a shine initially, over a period of time, these floors can use their sheen and luster. Again, water is not a good for hardwood floors and therefore it is better to use professional cleaning products available in home improvement stores that are specific for hardwoods. Best is just to vacuum it regularly.

If the hardwood floor sees a lot of traffic like children or pets or frequent parties and get-togethers, hire services of professionals like us who provide hardwood resanding in Northbrook for a regular recoating or refinishing if required.

If you want to indulge in some house remodeling and want to move your furniture pieces around the room, do not drag or push them over the hardwood floor. Instead, use adhesive protectors for chairs, tables and sofas. If possible, lift furniture pieces. Remind yourself to convey these instructions to any third person who comes for any repairs or remodeling, be it your plumbing man or furniture movers.

Sometimes, problems can occur with hardwood floors due to low or high moisture. If the room is too dry, try using a humidifier to increase the moisture levels in your room.

Dirt, dust and grit can sometimes accumulate leading to scratches on the hardwood floor. To avoid these, ensure you have mats and rugs placed on all entry and exit points of your house.
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