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Like New Hardwood Refinishing in Palatine
Hardwood refinishing in Palatine doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. We have a team of professional hardwood floor installers in Palatine who will not only install your hardwood floor, but will also come back in whenever you need them to refinish or resand your hardwood. We know that refinishing a hardwood floor is a lot of work and creates a lot of mess. Rather than spend the money on rental equipment and days at the task, why not call the best hardwood floor repair in Palatine and let us handle the dirty work for you? Our services are just a quick phone call away.

You might be in need of hardwood refinishing or hardwood resanding in Palatine if your hardwood floor has been seeing heavy traffic for ten or more years. Heavy traffic might mean raising a rambunctious family or it might mean one-time damage from moving furniture through the area. If there are visible scratches, gouges, or area where the finish has clearly rubbed off, it is time to call our hardwood installation in Palatine guys and see what they can do to resuscitate your floor.

The first step to refinishing your hardwood floor is to remove all of the furniture and rugs in your room. Because of the mess that is going to be created, it is better to take the pictures and curtains off the wall as well. Make sure that you pound in or pull up any loose nails or tacks as well. If you can’t manage that, let us know before we come over; we are able to prep your room as well as resand and refinish it. Our hardwood refinishing in Palatine services are comprehensive.

Once the room is clean, we are going to be sanding your floor about five different times. We carry different grits of sandpaper. The lower the number, the coarser the paper and the more wood it is able to strip off. We start with the coarsest paper and work our way toward the finest so that your floor is completely smooth by the time we’re done. While we’re doing our hardwood sanding in Palatine, you might want to turn off your furnace vents and leave the house. We’ll open a window and use a shop vac, but sanding creates a lot of dust. Allergies, especially in children, can be aggravated by the sanding process.

After the sanding is complete and all the dust is gone, we will refinish your floor for you. If you want a stain, we will first apply that with rags. After it dries overnight we will come back the next day and apply a urethane finish. This means you don’t have to wax your floors to keep them looking their sparkling best. Urethane finishes should be left to dry for three days before your furniture is put back into place. Your hardwood floor repair in Palatine should be done in less than a week. We strive to leave you with a beautifully restored floor.
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