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Beautiful Hardwood Installation in Riverside
If you want hardwood installation in Riverside, turn to us, the hardwood professionals. Our team has decades of experience in installing, refinishing, and repairing hardwood floors. Our hardwood floor installers in Riverside are without equal. Give us a call if you are interested in putting the beauty of hardwood into your home today.

Properly installing hardwood floors is not a task to be taken lightly. The success of the floor depends on maintaining precision throughout the entire project. Our hardwood floor installers in Riverside always pay attention to detail so that your floors look the way you always dreamed they would.

We know that the task of installing and hardwood sanding in Riverside is a messy job. We bring in our own drop clothes, rags, and dust collectors to make sure we don’t disturb the rest of your home. After you visit our showroom and pick out your flooring, you will first see us when we come to drop off your hardwood a few days before the project begins. It is best to let the wood acclimate to the humidity in your house for a few days as wood will swell or shrink accordingly.

After a few days our hardwood installation in Riverside team will come back to your house and get ready for action. We can help you to move all of your furniture out of the room. Then we will rip up any flooring that you already have so there is a clean and level surface on which to lay the plywood subfloor. However, in special circumstances we are equipped to lay a hardwood floor directly on a concrete or tile base. There are special adhesives that let us do the job right, however the best hardwood installation in Riverside is still done with a wood subfloor.

Once the subfloor is laid we start with the straightest piece of wood in the lot. This is our starter board and its placement is critical to the success of the rest of the floor. We take great care to lay it parallel to your wall and to make sure that is level. Once we have screwed it into place, our professional hardwood floor installers of Riverside get to show off their talents. We are usually able to lay down all the boards in a bedroom in a single day of work. A larger or more complicated space will generally take two days. We are able to work at this swift speed because we use a pneumatic nail gun to drive in the fasteners quickly and accurately.

After the floor is laid out, we will stain and seal it for you as well. We keep your information on file so that in future years if you need refinishing or hardwood resanding in Riverside we know the product number of the stain that we used so we can match it down the road. Our team of hardwood floor installers in Riverside is committed to bringing you a quality experience from start to finish.
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