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Hardwood Service in Robbins
If you want the best hardwood refinishing in Robbins then look no further than our team of qualified professionals. Not only do we do refinishing, but we also do resanding and hardwood floor repair in Robbins as well. If your hardwood floor is in need of some touch ups, give us a call and we will be happy to check out your floor and give you a price quote for the work.

Hardwood installation in Robbins is never a decision that can be taken lightly. Hardwood floors are expensive and they need to maintained to continue looking good. However, after many years of wear you will find that your floors need hardwood refinishing in Robbins. This may simply be a little bit of touch up stain and finish, or it may be a major hardwood floor repair in Robbins.

If you bring us into your home for refinishing or hardwood resanding in Robbins there are certain things that you should expect. First of all, sanding a hardwood floor creates a lot of dust. We do everything that we can to keep the dust down. First of all, we cover all your heating ducts before we begin. We also have drop cloths that we hang in your doorways in order to keep the dust confined to a single room. We clean up with an industrial shop vacuum as well as tack cloths. However, sanding is dusty and noisy. There are also fumes associated with hardwood refinishing in Robbins. Again, we work to ventilate the room so that the smell doesn’t travel to other parts of your home. The end result, however, is a room full of beautifully refinished wood.

The first thing that our hardwood floor installers in Robbins do is sand down your existing hardwood floor five different times with a drum sander. This is a powerful machine that has to be kept in constant motion in order to prevent sanding in divots. We then touch up the corners and edges of your room with a handheld belt sander. Each time we do hardwood sanding in Robbins we use a higher grade of sandpaper to get a finer and finer finish. By the time we are using 100 grit paper your wood should be as smooth as silk to the touch.

Once the sanding is done we are ready to start the hardwood refinishing in Robbins. The first step of refinishing is staining the newly sanded boards. Depending on the color of the stain and your desired color density, we will either use a paint brush for a more dense color, or a rag for a lighter color. We always apply the stain with the grain of the wood for a natural finish. Finally we seal off the stain with a urethane finish. This allows your floor to stay glossy without waxing. A urethane finish will also keep most minor spills from seeping into your wood. Our entire hardwood installation in Robbins program is dedicated to keeping your floors looking beautiful for years to come.
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