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Hardwood Service in Thornton
Turn to us for all your hardwood installation in Thornton needs. Our hardwood floor installers have years of experience laying floors of all different types of wood in all different houses. We will do both traditional strip hardwood floors as well as custom hardwood flooring patterns. In addition to our hardwood floor installation, we also do hardwood floor repair in Thornton ranging from hardwood refinishing in Thornton all the way to replacing entire sections of your floor. However, when our hardwood floor installers in Thornton start their work they know that they are building something to last.

A hardwood floor is meant to be a permanent part of your home. You might occasionally need hardwood resanding in Thornton but you should never consider pulling up your floor. It will look great and increases the resale value of your house. Once you have decided on the type of hardwood you are using and how you want your room to look when we are done we will move in to begin our work.

Expect your hardwood installation in Thornton to take about a week. First of all, we will deliver the boards to your house so that they can get acclimated to your humidity. This means that they are less likely to shrink or swell dramatically after they have been installed. After your boards have acclimated for a few days, we will begin our installation. Our preferred installation method for hardwood floors is to nail the boards to a plywood subfloor. This gives the wood the most room to settle as it adjusts to your house. However, we are also able to use industrial adhesive to install your hardwood on top of concrete or tile. This may take longer as we will have to bring in special sanding equipment to ensure that your tile or cement is completely level. If there are any dips or rises in the floor your boards could weaken within a few years and need to be replaced. Even though we excel in hardwood floor repair in Thornton we like to do the job the first time.

During the entire installation process we make sure to use true wood and lay it precision. However, we spend more care with the first board than any other. The starter board is the board that ensures the rest of the floor lays true. We choose the straightest board out of stock and use a level and triangle ensure that is parallel to the wall and perpendicular to the joist. Only then do we sink our nail holes and hammer it in. Once the first board is lined up properly, we are able to utilize the power of our pneumatic nail gun to lay down your boards fast and accurately. Again, as we get close to the wall we lay the last board with care and make sure that there is a large enough gap between the floor and wall to allow the boards to expand in humid weather. Give our hardwood floor installers in Thornton a call if you are interested in hearing more about our hardwood installation in Thornton.
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