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Hardwood Floor Service Wheeling
A beautiful hardwood floor is a great asset to your house. If you are lucky enough to have one, you are very careful to keep the wood in its original, beautiful state. However, our professional hardwood floor installers of Wheeling know that sometimes accidents do happen to even the most treasured floors. That is why we also offer the service of hardwood floor repair in Wheeling. Hardwood floor repair is something beyond the occasional facelift of resanding and refinishing. It means actually prying up some of your hardwood floorboards and replacing them with similar pieces. If you find yourself in need of repair services, we hope that you will call our experienced specialists of hardwood floor repair in Wheeling.

If you call us, you will get the whole package. We are able to do hardwood installation in Wheeling as well as hardwood refinishing and hardwood resanding in Wheeling. This amounts to an entire hardwood repair package. Let us walk you through the steps that we take to ensure that your hardwood looks as beautiful as the day that it was installed.

The first thing that we do is identify the area and extent of the problem. A common repair on a hardwood floor is removing a board that was gouged when a piece of furniture was moved or something heavy was dropped. We identify how many boards were damaged and how much of your floor will be removed. We then select new hardwood boards of the same wood and grain pattern as your existing boards. We will also pick out new matching stain and finish if you no longer have the original cans.

Hardwood floor repair in Wheeling begins with taking up the damaged pieces. We do a shallow cut down the center of each damaged board and use a utility knife and chisel to break up the boards without creating any more damage. Then we cut the new boards to the correct length and lay them down in the existing tongue and grove pattern. After that we use a pneumatic nail gun to hold them in place. We sand down the entire area and fill in over the top of the nail heads so that is looks like one smooth piece of flooring.

Once the floor itself is in place, we can prove to you that we are the best at hardwood refinishing in Wheeling. We can match any color of stain, even stain that has yellowed over the years. Our trick is to add a little grain alcohol to the stain until it reaches the proper tone. We also refinish your hardwood one board at a time, so that the eye will not pick up any difference in the staining pattern. Finally we cover the area with a urethane coating and allow it to dry.

We guarantee that you will be happy with your hardwood repair in Wheeling. Our team of trained hardwood floor installers in Wheeling knows the ins and outs of every kind of hardwood floor installation and repair.
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