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Quality Hardwood Services in Wilmette
Hardwood Refinishing or Hardwood Resanding in Wilmette

Hardwood floors lose their sheen over a period of time. Refinishing hardwood floors should restore them to their original beauty and elegance. However, most professional hardwood floor installation in Wilmette services related to hardwood refinishing and hardwood sanding in Wilmette can make your home messy. Yes, sanding, staining and sealing can be a messy process if not done properly even by a professional. Moreover, sanding the floor too often or improperly might scrape the wood off resulting in very thin layer of hardwood. As professionals of hardwood refinishing in Wilmette, we will provide end-to-end refinishing services for all our clients.

The hardwood refinishing in Wilmette process is started by removing all the furniture and carpets from the room. The sanding process is then initiated to remove any imperfections on the floor such as dents and depressions. We then use a sand paper that is finer for removing all the scratches originating from the earlier sanding process. Once the sanding process is complete, we then use a screen to buff the floor. This is because different equipments are used during the sanding process for the floor and its edges such as a drum sander and an edge scraper. Screening is important as it will make the floor and the edges uniform and smooth. Once this is done, we vacuum the floor and place to remove any dust or dirt that is present. If requested by the client, we can also use dust extraction systems for collecting all dust and dirt generated from sanding. This is considered better and effective than traditional vacuuming but extra charges may apply. Next follows the process of staining which involves application of minimum of three coats of urethane based finish. Based on the finish used, we will advise our clients when to move in their furniture and other accessories.

A few hardwood floor installers in Wilmette that provide hardwood refinishing in Wilmette may talk about sand less refinishing. This is a process wherein the sander is not used by these professionals. Instead they use chemicals that will restore luster onto your hardwood floors. Exercise proper caution while using such professionals because if they do not know their task very well, they can end up ruining your hardwood floors.

Some people debate if hardwood refinishing in Wilmette requires a professional. Yes, there are a lot of DIY sites that encourage people to do these refinishing projects themselves. While it is a great way of saving on some money, you can actually end up losing a lot more while doing hardwood floor repair in Wilmette. Refinishing requires investing in equipment like drum sanders and edge scrapers. There are rental services but again little is known about the state of these equipments in such cases. Also, improper sanding may be highly harmful for your hardwood floors. If you sand too much, it will actually end up eating a lot of your hardwood floor. This will reduce the longevity of your hardwood floor and you might actually have to end up spending more in replacement of your flooring. Do not indulge in such DIY jobs if you are allergic or sensitive to dust and chemicals. Sanding can yield a lot of dust and as professionals of hardwood refinishing in Wilmette, we generally advise our clients to move out of the house.
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